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So, You're Ready for a Dog?
Puppy, Adolescent, Adult or Senior?

Puppies - Under 9 Months of Age

Do you -

  • work from home?
  • Work a split shift schedule, or have a partner who is home or works an opposite shift?
  • Can you take a dog to work?
  • Do you have children over 12 years of age at home when you are not?
  • Have you ever lived with a dog/dogs before?
  • Are you willing to have a puppy out in the world to socialize it?

Possibly a puppy would be a good choice for your family or household, especially if you don't mind getting up several times a night for the next six months while your puppy learns about housebreaking.

Do you -

  • have a sense of humor about training and possibly losing "important" items around the house?
  • have patience and have a realistic view about a dog being a dog?

Then consider a puppy.

Carefully examine your lifestyle and activity level in your home. Carefully research the breed you are interested in for a dog under six months of age. A call to this office can give you more information.

Adolescents - 9 - 15 Months of Age

If you'd like to get a little sleep with your new companion, yet want to experience a "puppy", this age is usually able to sleep through the night, and is less apt to view your house as a personal gym.

If you

  • work a normal 6-8 hour day, can come home for lunch, or have a partner who can
  • are willing to live with a "16" year old who is "experimenting with life", is immortal and knows everything
  • are willing and able to get right out to obedience or agility classes

Then this age may be right for you. Please understand that a "rescued" dog of this age, unneutered or unspayed and untrained will take some patience and family togetherness to structure the dog's lifestyle and catch it up to becoming a good citizen. Research your breed of choice, check out obedience and/or agility trainers in your area (word of mouth is best for this), then grab hold of the roller coaster and climb on - an adolescent has just come into your life.